Vance Joy Fires Up The Crowd on Chilly Calgary Night

I was lucky enough to snag a review ticket to Vance Joy’s sold out first night at the Jack Singer. Here are some thoughts on the show!

  • Considering the show was played while Calgary is in the middle of a -40 celsius cold snap, Vance Joy warmed up the Jack Singer right off the first song. When shows are on chilly nights, I usually find that the crowd is sleepy, but the crowd was ALIVE for this show. Lots of dancing, singing along throughout the show. Vance repeatedly thanked the audience throughout the night, saying “thank you guys so much for bringing the love and energy tonight.” And he wasn’t wrong. The crowd brought it.
  • The sound for this show was LOUD. This was especially evident during Clarity, as the backing band, which included a horn and sax player, filled the Jack Singer with that chorus and riff. It was not what I was expecting from an acoustic set. 
  • Saturday Sun was the highlight of the night, for me. Everyone got up to dance, the Jack Singer was singing along to every word. Vance took a couple of choruses to let the crowd sing, and it was chill-inducing. Great visuals on the stage, it really felt like I was in a “Saturday Sun,” even with it being forty below.
  • The stage and lighting fit the mood of the show. When the songs got a bit more sorrowful or lower tempo, you got lighting and stage setups that definitely matched that. And I think that really drew me into the set more.
  • The couple of songs that are solo Vance mid-set are wonderful. A nice chance to sit down, enjoy the moment.
  • The horn solo during ‘Fire and the Flood’ is breathtaking. If they play it on night two, I can guarantee it’ll stand out for you. It got the crowd right into the song. 
  • Vance played Catalonia, the latest song we’ve been spinning from “In Our Own Sweet Time.”
  • To no one’s surprise, Riptide got the biggest reaction out of any of the songs on this night. Everyone in the lower level was up, dancing, and enjoying Vance’s biggest song. I was also blown away with how well the Ukulele played. You could have fooled me and said I was listening to a recording of the album track and I would have believed you, until I heard the horns going! 
  • A surprise cover to end the night! I won’t spoil it if you’re attending night two, but it was the best cover of this track that I’ve ever heard. 
  • If you have tickets for night two tonight, you’re going to be in for a treat. 

I was also lucky enough to be approved to take photos of the show. Here is a gallery below for your eyes! Hopefully you have a great time if you’re there for night two TONIGHT!

-Sam Phelps

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