This Sport is Currently Taking Alberta By Storm & It’s a DARN. BLAST. -Seanna

I had the chance to check out my first “Skijoring” event last weekend. Have you heard of this? The concept is hilarious. You essentially get towed by a horse on skiis or a snowboard – and you try to do different jumps, bumps, or just simple time trials all while being dragged via horse. Picture water-skiing behind a horse – but instead of water it’s snow. Take a look at this:

The skijoring event we attended was in Fernie last weekend and this particular ride was just a time trial however there are different categories – some involving backflips off jumps and others, far more intense courses. But these events are popping up ALL over these days and it’s the most unapologetically Albertan party scene I’ve ever scene. It’s incredible and I love everything about it. In fact there’s one called “Skijordue” happening next weekend in Millarville: A skijor/fondue event.

Here’s the thing… I now want to participate. So I asked on instagram if anyone happens to have a horse and rider that I could potentially snowboard behind and a couple of people reached out. So I MAY have to give’er a go. I’m terrified to try this but also think it would be an ABSOLUTE blast.

Whether I participate or not – attending is a great time so keep an eye out for upcoming events. You can find Skijor Canada on Instagram to see all the upcoming events too. And who knows ya may see me biff it behind a horse.

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