As someone who is getting ready to move into a new crib! The Better Homes, Gardens and Garages Harvard Auction couldn’t have come at a better time! There are SO MANY items that you can bid on for whatever project that you’re doing in your house! For me THESE items hit close to home!

The Power Vented Hot Water Tank from Northern Plumbing & Heating

As someone who has been looking around at the cost of a new water heater for my house seeing this bad boy up for grabs in the auction was something that PEAKED my interest! Also as a side note catching myself browsing around for new water tanks made me realize that I am indeed an adult now!

Husqvarna Stand-On Lawn Mower V548

I WANT TO BE THE CANADIAN HANK HILL! My new house has a lot of grass that I can’t wait to take care of! I’m a big lawn care guy and will be spending the duration of the length of the auction trying to convince my wife to let me bid on this BAD BOY!

You can check out the auction here:

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