Guitar Hero 3 Song Power Rankings

This weekend I sprained my pinky stretching for the orange button in the middle of Knights of Cydonia while playing Guitar Hero 3 for the first time in 10 years. After playing I took a look through the original track listing for this CLASSIC game and decided to make a Top 10 Power Ranking

  1. Reptilia – by The Strokes
  2. My Curse – by Killswitch Engage
  3. Cliffs Of Dover – by Eric Johnson
  4. Knights of Cydonia – by Muse
  5. Paranoid – by Black Sabbath
  6. Before I Forget – by Slipknot
  7. When You Were Young – by The Killers
  8. The Metal – by Tenacious D
  9. Cult Of Personality – by Living Colour
  10. Raining Blood – by Slayer

Agree? Disagree? Email me your list at [email protected] 

(also I tried to buy a guitar remote and they’re DUMB expensive which is lame)

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