Ballparks Ranked From My East Coast Road Trip

Baseball stadiums aren’t like any other venue in sports. Ballparks are either a point of pride or embarrassment for fans. My brother and I recently visited 4 east coast ballparks in 5 days and we had a blast. It was fun ranking them on who we thought had the best overall gameday experience. I should also point out that my brother and I both had dramatically different experiences and rankings, so it goes to show they are subjective.

A great ballpark can be rated on 4 factors. The building. The fans. The food. The gameday experience. So I’ve rated each ballpark on 5 point system.


The Building- 3/5

The ballpark itself was nice. Easy to get around. The sight lines were great. But it lacked character. It didn’t seem to have a soul. It seemed too cold and sanitary.

The Fans- 3/5

I was actually shocked at how enthusiastic the Nationals fan base is. Bars were full on the way in. But I don’t think they actually went to the game. It was a Friday night game and the park seemed empty. In their defense, it was cool. But not cool enough to stay away from the ballpark.

The Food- 3/5

The hot dogs were good. No complaints there. But they seemed to lack a signature food at the park. You need a signature food!

The Gameday Experience- 4/5

The walk to the ballpark is littered with great little bars and establishments. Lots of entertainment for the kids. Of the 4 parks we went to, this was by far the most family friendly. The homerun celebration is something to see. The red lights are great. It was also “Star Wars Night” and the team did a really great job running with that theme. The gameday experience is always better with more fans in the stands. That’s where they took a hit.


The Building- 4/5

It’s great! It easy to navigate. Sight lines were wide open, giving you the ability to walk around the main concourse and watch the game. Beer was easy to get. Plenty of room to hide when the downpour got to be too much. Great historic touches throughout as well, adding to the character.

The Fans- 5/5

They were the best fans on the trip. It was a full on downpour. The wind was cold. But they filled the park and stayed put in their seats (for the first few innings). They also LOVE their Phillies. They were up 9-1 over the Giants and still relentlessly badgered the Giants and begged for their Phillies to crush San Fran. They were funny and no bullshit. Philly sports fans are no joke.

The Food- 5/5

Come on. Philly cheesesteak is tough to beat. Tony Luke’s is where it’s at.

The Gameday Experience-4/5

This ballpark is one of the best I’ve been to. Up there with Fenway. The fanbase really does make it. Traffic was horrendous though. But that could have been avoided had we taken transit.


The Building- 4/5

Looking out onto the historic warehouse was unreal. They also do a great job of integrating a street feel into the park. It’s super easy to navigate. They also do a really good job of making it a hybrid park. Super traditional with all the modern bells and whistles. The ONLY problem is, no sight lines from the concourse. Unless you head to the outfield of course.

The Fans-4/5

It was 35 degrees and fans stuck it out to the end. This was by far…the drunkest game. Maryland fans LOVE the Orioles. Of course, it helps that they’re winning. I’m not sure they would show up like Philly fans if they were losing.

The Food- 3/5

The hot dogs were on point! Everything a guy wants in some lips and b holes. However, the iconic crab fries were saltier than hell.

The Gameday Experience- 5/5

This is where the Orioles do it right. Baltimore has a rough reputation. I’m not sure I’d want to walk too far to the game. BUT…Pickles Pub makes it all worth it. The little bar across the street is AWESOME! “The Bird Bath” in left field is something to see. Especially on the hot day we had. Of all the ballparks, this was the most fun I had at a game.


FULL TRANSPARENCY: I’m a Boston Red Sox fan. But I tried to stay neutral. TRIED!

The Building- 5/5

There is just no arguing it. Yankee Stadium is a marvel. As a Red Sox fan it feels a little like walking onto the Death Star. The way they integrate all of the Yankee tradition into a new facility like this is so well done and seamless. Sitting in the seats and looking up, you feel like your part of history. Even though the ballpark is only 15 years old.

The Fans 3/5

I equate them to Leaf fans. It all seems very corporate and showy. The dedication for some seems to be wishy washy. They’re also “big city fans”. And by that I mean, they’re about themselves. Because they have to be. They didn’t seem concerned about anyone else’s views and became very pushy to try and get autographs from players (which they asked for constantly). Kids asking for autographs is one thing, but adults. Oh, and Yankees fans don’t hesitate to heckle their own players. (Although Stanton does deserve it.). That being said, “Roll Call” from the Bleachers Creatures is awesome and it’s a great tradition. Youtube it.

The Food 5/5

They know how to eat at Yankee Stadium. You want it? They got it. And the “99 Burger” is unreal. Numbered after Aaron Judge, its wagyu beef on a bun! Bring your wallet though. It runs a whopping $20 USD for JUST THE BURGER! Yankee stadium easily had the best selection of food on the tour. Also, kudos to vendors carrying shit on their head.

The Gameday Experience- 5/5

It’s hard to argue. The tradition of jumping on a subway to the Bronx is hard to beat. And there is just something about being in the heart of it all in New York. It just has the massive feeling of huge magnitude. Again, this is from a Red Sox fan. IT’S NOT FENWAY!!! Nothing is. But…it is really special.

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