Angel Hernandez Finally Makes The Right Call…And Quits!

Angel Hernandez is the most polarizing official in MLB history. Many people (like myself) genuinely wonder how he still has a job. He has dropped more calls than the phone company. He’s robbed more MLB players than Shohei Ohtani’s translator.

The main objective of an official in any sport is to have as little impact on the overall outcome of the game as possible. Fans and athletes should barely know you’re there. Hernandez’s presence was always known. Fans groan as they announce the officiating crew with his name on it. Players have cocked back like they were gonna plant one on his kisser so many times, only to be stopped by management. Fans cheer when Hernandez takes a wild pitch off the chin or in the chest. Even when he pauses as if he’s injured.

Say what you want about the guy but he’s been in the majors since 1991. Starting with the National League and shifting over to the American League in 2000.

The only thing Hernandez and I see eye to eye on is our dislike for Joe Torre. On that we can agree.

To celebrate Angel’s retirement, let’s watch a montage of his blown calls shall we?

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