The Time My Friends Ruined Crazy Town For Me

The year was 2000. My friends (Dustyn and Wes) and I went into the big city (Saskatoon) to watch the Monster Trucks. Dustyn had a Chevy Cavalier, as everyone did. It was a red Z24 dubbed “The Red Rocket”. Wes had a bright yellow Camaro, but we had already driven into Saskatoon to see Korn the previous summer with that bad boy. 5 of us. In a Camaro. I digress. A cold winter night. On our way home from the Monster Trucks.

Earlier that day, I had scored two great albums from HMV. The first, Linkin Parks “Hybrid Theory”. The second, “The Gift of Game” by Crazy Town. It was a weird time in music. A weird time for everything. We were all dyeing our hair bleach blonde like we were Eminem. Kids….Smashmouth was still kind cool at this time. That’s how weird of a time it was.

So, we went to see the Monster Trucks. They were loud. We pile back into the “Red Rocket” to head home. I lose shotgun to Wes. Bullshit. But, a loss is a loss. I hint that we should listen to Crazy Town on the way home. Dustyn obliges. I take the CD out of the plastic and he places it in his Pioneer CD deck. The bassline for “Butterfly” kicks in. “What a great song” I think to myself. It comes to an end. Amazing. Then it starts again. Okay, the guys liked it in the front seat. They want to hear it again. Great. It comes to an end. It starts again. I inquire “You guys really like this song huh?”. They respond “Not really. We just want you to hate this song by the time we get back to Lanigan.”. We listened to that song what was likely 30 times in a row. And they were right. I cringe every time I hear that song to this day. Thanks. Dicks. Anyway, RIP Shifty. My friends did you dirty. -Chad

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